Auxiliary Uniform Changes

Each of us takes pride in wearing the Auxiliary uniform. The Coast Guard conducts an ongoing process to evaluate uniform policy and recommend changes to the Commandant. The Commandant approved a number of recommendations of the Uniform Board and these changes were released to the Auxiliary in an ALAUX on 22 Dec 2014. Two of these changes have the most impact on Auxiliarists.



First, the Foul Weather Parka II (FWP) may now be worn with Service Dress Blue (SDB) and the prior limitations on wear with Winter Dress Blue WDB) and Tropical Blue (TB) are removed. There may be formal situations in which the Foul Weather Parka is not appropriate with Service Dress Blue. Please be sensitive to the situation. This change means that Auxiliarists can now acquire a single piece of outerwear that can be worn with all our typical uniforms – simplifying uniform compliance. Also, please note that this does not extend to wearing the ODU Utility Jacket or the FWP fleece liner as a stand-alone outerwear item with SDB, WDB, or Tropical Blue. The ODU Utility Jacket may be worn as outerwear with the ODU or zipped into the Foul Weather Parka with SDB, WDB, or Tropical Blue.


Second, the Garrison Cap is now authorized for wear with the Service Dress Blue uniform. The Combination Cover is still preferred and may be required in formal situations like a change of command. As Auxiliarists typically wear Service Dress Blue in formal situations, you might want to acquire a Combination Cover when you procure Service Dress Blue uniforms.



The full text of the ALAUX on Uniform Board results can be found here:

 Submitted by COMO Daren Lewis

11 thoughts on “Auxiliary Uniform Changes

  1. Last year we were allowed to use the Service Dress Blue uniform once at the active duty station we were working at.
    I would like to have this repeated this year. Presently the UOD is the ODU. This will let the active duty people see the Auxiliary uniform other than the ODUs.
    Thanks for your time and interest.
    Fly safe, Howard

    • I would like to see the Tropical Blue uniform worn more often, at a CG Station, especially if one is volunteering for admin duties, worn more at a Public Gathering, such as boat shows, etc I believe that the Tropical Blue uniform shows a softer look. The ODU suggests a battle is in the offing and further more, some auxiliarists do not own an ODU since they may not be involved in operations.

      • I disagree with Lou. Why should the Auxiliary be allowed the wear trops at a CG station for any reason, when everyone else there is wearing ODU’s. At boat shows, the Auxiliary on many occasions are right next to the active duty and they are also always in ODU’s as we should be.

        • Ron, my wife is also an Auxiliarist and does not have ODUs. No need for them since she has never been involved in Operations this keeps her from some activities that used to be Trops. I have an ODU because I am a PDCDR and attended monthly meetings at our Sector where everyone wore ODUs and I can tell you that ODUs and boots in Southern Florida during the 6 month hot season is unbearable even for the Gold side.

  2. I respectfully disagree with Ron. In my observation the ODU is the informal, does all work type of uniform. As the name implies, “Operational Dress Uniform” is used for all occasions where work day type of activities would be undertaken where the chance of the uniform being soiled or otherwise compromised could occur. When the active duty are joining the Auxiliary at boat shows, assisting with public education, or other joint activities where a more formal dress would be more appropriate, Tropical Blue Long would make a better impression. At training schools and District meetings the preferred presentation has been Tropical Blue Long.

    • Mr. Laing might consider that the regular Coasties wearing ODU to boat shows might be on call. Or ordered by their OIC.
      And, picking nits, we have no such uniform as Tropical Blue Long. I believe the change of name was about 2-3 years ago. Yes, I know this is picky but avoid confusion, call it what it is, not what it used to be.

      Tropical Blue Long would make a better impression. At training schools and District meetings the preferred presentation has been Tropical Blue Long.

  3. Several observations. I notice in many Aux periodicals and PA archives (photos) ODU’s are worn when trops are specified (boat shows). Whats worse is that those in the photo are not wearing them the same. Loading stuff in/out and setting up…what… bring trops and change? Next, when we teach classes boaters we encourage to bring their boats for VSC…trops are specified for classes …change for the VSC? Again, many times watching national coverage of events of any service at the press conference the senior spokesman is many times in the ODU for that service…be it Desert Storm, Deepwater Horizon, Hurricane You-name-it, etc. No regard for offending the weak appearing too “battle” ready? Lastly, when I volunteer at an ATON station I wear ODU’s ’cause thats the UOD…and we might get dirty.Why not just leave it to the local OIC who is on the scene? Is it the uniform or conduct?

  4. Unfortunately, too many members feel a “volunteer organization” gives allows them to “voluntarily” pick and choose what protocols, uniforms, and regulations they want to follow- because it makes they “feel” better. So just as a reminder we all gave an oath and volunteered ourselves to support the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and its purposes, to faithfully execute our duties, and to abide by the governing policies established by the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard.

    Membership in this organization requires a strict adherence to many “military” protocols, procedures, and practices. It is inherent in our function as representatives of the United States Coast Guard & Aux. when in the public or working alongside an active or reserve duty member, we have an obligation and responsibility that goes along with accepting this duty. Those that do not wish to follow established protocols set forth by the organization and leadership -should stronger consider another organization that has lower standards and doesn’t represent a military branch of the armed forces.

    • To
      Terry Rouch
      Dear Terry you are so right,and I Strongly agree with you.
      When I have on my uniform ,I feel so proud.and thankful to be able to where it.
      To be a member of the USCG AUX.There are no words
      But you have to be a member who does things to understand the feeling of pride to have done a job and have people recognize your uniform.

  5. I agree entirely. Since the CX decides the Patrol uniform,
    I remember too many broiling hot summer days on our Lake in PA.
    We wore the heavy ODU uniform and I could feel the sweat dripping down
    our overheated bodies. I just couldn’t understand those cruel uniform decisions !

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