A new policy for Auxiliary Aviation (AUXAIR) facility maintenance has been approved as of 22 January 2015.  This new policy replaces the manufacturer’s recommended time-between-overhaul (TBO) policy that has been in effect since 2006 with one based on “engine condition maintenance.”

This new AUXAIR aircraft maintenance policy relies on annual FAA-standard inspections and inspections after every 100 hours of flight time during the year. Ongoing oil and trend monitoring tests/reports will also be required.  FAA-approved progressive inspection programs meeting these elements are also acceptable.

Details of this new policy are in CGMS message traffic sent to all Air Stations and Commands in message, “COMDT COGARD WASHINGTON DC R 221915Z JAN 15.”  This message may be found at:

This policy change is the result of the combined efforts of active duty personnel, Auxiliary National Aviation Staff, the DSO-AVs, and AUXAIR district leaders working together to find a replacement for the TBO policy and enhance the overall safety of the program.

There will be a phase-in period for these new requirements.  Aircraft facility owners will have until their current offer for use expires to begin compliance with the new inspection/monitoring requirements.

Pilots and district aviation staff are encouraged to work with the National aviation staff to answer all questions and provide easy mechanisms for compliance with the new regulations.  Additional information is available on the Air News pages of the Response Directorate Web site:

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