CG Mutual Assistance Program – “We Look After our Own.”

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) recently announced a number of new assistance programs and an increase in the dollar amount for its Supplemental Education Grant.   CGMA is the Coast Guard’s own financial relief organization, offering help to any in the Coast Guard community facing financial need. Last year, Auxiliarists received over $41,900 in assistance.

CGMA’s long-standing motto is: “We look after our own”.

CGMA provides direct financial assistance for disaster relief, emergency travel, or temporary loss of income, and offers free financial and budget counseling, as well as help with education costs. One of its education assistance programs, the Supplemental Education Grant, now offers up $350 per client per calendar year to reimburse the cost of textbooks and certain other college expenses.

New assistance programs launched recently include grants of up to $1,000 for home study expenses related to the legal adoption of a child, and a loan of up to $6,000 for general adoption expenses.  Other programs offer need-based financial assistance for service animal training and interest-free loans for emergency pet expenses.

Assistance funds come as voluntary donations from people like you who are part of the Coast Guard family.  CGMA receives no federal funds.  As Admiral Zukunft noted recently, “CGMA works because it allows all of us to pull together….” Without a steady infusion of donated funds, CGMA would be unable to continue performing its vital role within the Coast Guard community.

CGMA works when we work together! Soon, a letter will be mailed to each Auxiliary household with an invitation to participate in an annual fundraising campaign. All are encouraged to consider a donation to sustain the work of CGMA.  To learn more about assistance available through CGMA, or to make a secure credit card donation, visit CGMA online at or call (800) 881-2462.


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