Auxiliarists in Approval Pending (AP) Status

A Message from the National Commodore

Fellow Auxiliarists,

 As most of you are aware, the time it takes to process new member PSI packages at SECCEN has slowed to the point where the backlog of unprocessed packages has doubled over the last 12 months.  There are several factors that have contributed to this situation; most are not under Auxiliary control.  Let me assure you that the Commandant is fully aware of this issue and the problems it is causing for the Auxiliary.  He remains fully engaged, and has directed his staff to facilitate solutions.  I would like to take this opportunity to brief you on the steps being taken to improve the situation.

  • Augmentation at SECCEN by Auxiliarists – A small group of volunteers is now engaged in the pre-screening process.

  • Overtime has been authorized for SECCEN staff, allowing them to work more hours to clear up the backlog.

  • Serious out-of-the-box thinking is taking place at senior levels to look at the process as it applies to OS level packages.

In a message to the district commodores last month, I offered a few suggestions in an attempt to alleviate the effects of this issue. I will repeat these now.

  • Members should become conversant with the provisions in AUXMAN Chapter 3.2.D, which in part deals with activities and interim certifications available to members in AP status.  There is a lack of awareness in the field of certain provisions of this section of the AUXMAN.  ANACO-CC has worked diligently with CG-BSX to develop a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in order to clarify this issue.  These FAQs are available here:

  • An analysis of member attrition clearly shows that members in their first two years are the most vulnerable. Many of these members are those in AP status.  We have a better chance to retain these members if we provide them the tools they need to be productive Auxiliarists.  Although not mandatory, the Basic Qualification Course and PQS is a great tool to provide mentoring for these new members.  Details can be found at  Please consider using this tool.

This situation will not be fixed overnight but we are moving in the right direction.  I am counting on each of you to provide leadership for our AP members as we continue to work through this issue.   Thank you for your assistance.

Very respectfully,

Mark Simoni

National Commodore

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary


3 thoughts on “Auxiliarists in Approval Pending (AP) Status

  1. Dear Sir,
    In relation to your last bullet comment about retention–sometime within the previous 12 months someone changed the requirements for the Auxiliary Recruiting Award from having new applicants receiving the Auxiliary number to be considered to now having to be either IQ or BQ. Why was the regulation changed, and this now makes accomplishing this award much more difficult. I have previously received this award under the old criteria.
    Thank you
    Michael Sealfon
    USCG Auxiliary

    • Mr. Sealfon –

      The Director of Human Resources has responded to your comment:

      The Auxiliary Recruiting Award comes directly from the AUXMAN (COMDTINST M16790.1G) chapter 11.A.c. It states:
      “The Auxiliary Recruiting Service award is awarded for recruiting seven or more new Auxiliarists into the Auxiliary as determined and credited through the FC. A new Auxiliarist must be fully processed through completion of their favorable PSI determination and be shifted out of AP status before being credited towards this award. The year in which the date of the new Auxiliarist’s shift from AP status to IQ or BQ status shall be the year to which the new Auxiliarist shall count toward recruiting award recognition. “

  2. AP Status and Background Checks
    I am writing to offer a solution to the backlog of background checks and Auxiliary ID card issuing; a problem that appears to be without a permanent solution. As a bit of background, I have been attending Auxiliary meetings since December 2014 (though I think my Base Enrollment Date [BED]is January 2015), and I have yet to have been issued an Auxiliary ID card. The reason, of course, is the background check.

    My solution (and I wish it were THE solution and not A solution) is for the Coast Guard/Auxiliary to accept military ID cards – active duty, reserve and retired – at face value. Those who hold these ID cards already have absolute access to everything that would be permitted with the vetted Auxiliary card. It makes no sense not to recognize these individuals at least at the Operational Support (OS) level if not the Direct Informational (DI) level too. A second group who should be recognized outright are those who hold valid Transportation Worker Identification Credentials commonly called a “TWIC card.” This is a Department of Homeland Security card that is required of all persons working on ships or commercial piers in the United States. The only purpose of the card is to show that a thorough background check has been completed and that the individual does not present a risk. The bottom line is that without the TWIC card mariners and person whose employment would take them on to commercial vessels and piers, would be prohibited from working. It would seem at the very least, this group would more than satisfy the entry level Operational Support (OS) category.

    For persons holding the above ID cards, it should be a simple decision to issue them an Auxiliary ID card outright. Having said this, another Department of Homeland Security identification that might be considered for outright Auxiliary ID card issuance are persons with a Known Traveler number. These are people who have undergone a background check and who are allowed to board commercial aircraft with only a cursory TSA gate check. It would appear, persons qualifying for the Know Traveler number are probably more than adequately vetted to be issued an Auxiliary ID card at the Operational Support (OS) level (at least I would hope so).

    What I am suggesting above should be easy to understand and accepted at least for the military ID and TWIC cards especially at the entry level Operational Support (OS) category. Unfortunately it will not solve the larger problem but it might make a dent in the issue.

    I appreciate your consideration of my comments.

    Richard Martinson
    Flotilla 12, D13

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