Auxiliary Paddle Craft Program Launched

The Coast Guard Auxiliary National Paddle Craft program (AUXPAD) has been officially released for adoption by Districts.  This program Instruction provides the guidance for development of AUXPAD programs in regions where it is authorized by District Commanders.

This program was developed in a cooperative effort among Auxiliary leadership, national staff, and the office of Chief Director of Auxiliary.  It extends boating safety outreach into the paddling community, which is a major objective of the Auxiliary National Strategic Plan. Outreach, both ashore and afloat, is included in the instruction along with complete requirements for conduct of Paddle Craft RBS patrols. 

Check with your Chain of Leadership about adoption of this program and specific regional differences that may apply.   You can download the instruction for full details of program requirements. This instruction may be found at:


4 thoughts on “Auxiliary Paddle Craft Program Launched

  1. Dave Elliots article about our out reach program to paddcrafters is interesting but brings to mine a lack of support in one area. Informational pamphlets! We have nothing to give to the paddlers after talking with them to reinforce safety ideas. Used to have “Rules of the Road, What Paddlers Need to Know’, “Best Practices for Paddlers and Paddlesport Programs” and maybe even “A Smart Start for Safe Paddling”. Can’t find these pamphlets anywhere. If you all know where we may get some please pass the info on to us VE & PA members. Really could use the help.

    Flyers are offered by the ACA, American Canoe Association.
    Web site education is offered by NRS.

    Tim Burke
    V/FC, FSO-VE
    USCG Aux 77, Fairfield CT

    • Tim I talked with Kelsey Bracewell , the Safety, Education, Instruction & Outreach person at ACA. Was told they do not have any flyers to offer any more. Only available on line. No funding to print them. Does’nt help us at our PA events or RBSV visits.

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