Auxiliary “Communities of Interest” Launched

The new on-line moderated forums, the Auxiliary “Communities of Interest” have now been launched.  Just as our Flotilla, Division, and District events bring us together to share best practices and discuss challenges, these new forums allow us to extend our communities across the Nation, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year to become more effective Auxiliarists.

Between now and NACON in August the Auxiliary Communities of Interest program will host six pilot communities representing program and focus areas across a broad cross-section of our activities.  These include:


  • Flotilla Leadership
  • Information Services
  • Public Affairs
  • Public Education
  • Marine Safety
  • Vessel Examination


Based on what is learned over the next few months the communities will  work to better define, organize, and extend their reach by the end of the year.


To access the Communities of Interest use your Member Zone login at the following location:


The communities exist for you to ask questions, share best practices, and build relationships with other Auxiliarists from across the nation.


There is a code of conduct that lays out the expectations of members on the Communities of Interest. Please review this code of conduct ( before you post.


In summary:


DO: Follow the core values – Honor, Respect, & Devotion to Duty. Collaborate for a better Auxiliary. Stay on topic. Pause before you post. Flag potential issues to the community management team rather than responding directly. Have fun.

DO NOT: Post personal attacks or post on topics better managed via the chain of leadership and management.

KNOW: You are responsible for what you post — regardless of any other member’s post. The community management team will err on the side of caution when moderating these communities – posting on the communities is consent to this moderation.


This pilot program is a significant milestone in the Auxiliary Communities of Interest element of the 2014-2020 Strategic Plan ( The communities themselves are only one way in which the Auxiliary is working to make your experience as a member better and help you navigate to being an effective Auxiliarist.


Please join in building these communities.

One thought on “Auxiliary “Communities of Interest” Launched

  1. We are a brand new Flotilla as of January 15th, 2015.
    The east Coast Band 014-22-07 has proven to make a Large impression in the Coast Guard.
    We are now changing the Face of the Auxiliary in Arizona. THE COAST GUARD IN ARIZONA? There’s no water! Great PR.for AZ. We have lot’s of lakes, lot’s of work, BUT as Always, nobody notices the Auxiliary until you tow them back to shore and say “NO CHARGE”.
    We need an Auxiliary Flag. Anybody have a Flag and pole for us? We need it for parades.

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