Reminder on Carriage of Arms by Auxiliarists

National Commodore Mark Simoni recently issued a reminder to all Auxiliarists about the policies on Auxiliarists carrying arms.

“In response to the recent Chattanooga, TN lone wolf attack upon the Recruiting Center and Naval Detachment, many citizens across the country are forming “protection rallies” and some are appearing outside government facilities bearing arms to express their patriotism or show support.  As questions have been raised about members’ participation in these events, Auxiliarists should be reminded of the strict prohibitions against carrying weapons as articulated in the AUXMAN, which is excerpted below.

Only in the capacity as a private citizen, in accordance with their relevant local, state or territorial laws, and NOT as a Coast Guard Auxiliarist or representing the US Coast Guard or Coast Guard Auxiliary in any form or function, may they be armed.   The operative AUXMAN sections dealing with weapons carriage are excerpted below:   =================

AuxMan section 2.B.21.e. CG Unit Support:  “Auxiliarists shall not be vested with any titles or duties which imply or entail law enforcement responsibilities nor shall they carry, handle, repair, or fire weapons of any sort while assigned to Coast Guard operational missions or Coast Guard Auxiliary activities. Section 5.Q of this Manual provides further weapons guidance….”

We trust that all Auxiliarists will comply with these policies, as required, and provide support to the Coast Guard through our authorized activities.”

For more details see:


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