Commodore’s Course – National Strategic Plan Updated

The Auxiliary National Strategic Plan – Updated

This year, NACO Mark Simoni, the National Board and senior staff have issued a major update to the Strategic Plan.  This plan provides overall guidance and direction for the activities of the 30,000-plus Auxiliarists and the officers and staffs that lead them.

You may view the updated 2014-2020 Auxiliary Strategic Plan at: .

As epitomized by the Strategic Plan, the Auxiliary watchwords of Leadership, Initiative and Innovation represent our missions using a diverse array of specialized skills, trained crews, and capable facilities.  The strategic initiatives provide guidance and a foundation for a coordinated approach for our programs.

Please review the updated Strategic Plan to see how we support Coast Guard missions.


National Commodore’s Mantra

In service to our country, Auxiliarists should always keep in mind to:

• Do the right thing and take care of our people

• Know we are a maritime organization and that we will excel in that arena

• Nurture our Auxiliary culture via servant leaders who understand that to aspire to leadership positions, either elected or appointed, is a noble goal, not merely a position to be filled

• Set high expectations for ourselves and our members

• Plan for success but not be afraid to fail

Mark Simoni
National Commodore
Nov. 1, 2014

2 thoughts on “Commodore’s Course – National Strategic Plan Updated

  1. Congratulations on updating the National Strategic Plan of the Auxiliary. In my past work assignments in various institutions, government and the private sector I have had responsibilities for updating such plans. I understand the ins/ outs of assuring all of the meaningful information is assessed and compared to assure there is an effective and efficient policy implemented, after hours of hard work.

    One of the most important parts to proper input is derived from the employees and the lower segments of the corporation, who usually have a clear focus on issues worthy of review as they live it. In fact, as employees and officers go up the ranks they often loose some of the ability to focus on the lower levels of employment and basic issues are never corrected or addressed- simply ignored. Sadly, I see this in the Coast Guard Auxiliary and long time problems and issues never change. So, many of us on the bottom see the “Chain” as broken with no way to fix it. A major item in this category is the unacceptable length of time it takes to complete backgrounds on applicants. In some cases, it appears 1-2 years is needed for this timeline as no one is held accountable. This is also demoralizing to the members of the Auxiliary who want to gain their basic qualifications and go forward.

    Until some of these items get corrected the bleeding of membership will continue. I do applaud the office of the National Commodore for inquiring into reasons why members quit, but it really is an “after the fact situation (too little too late).” We just lost 10 members from our flotilla, all for this reason so there is no need to query them as the answer is the same.

    Feel free to publish my comments. Also, feel free to start putting membership, backgrounds and the BQ status as the highest priority. An Auxiliary member is the golden fleece of the organization and deserves to have supportive action as the highest priority. All of the items listed in the “Strategic Plan” seem far less important as soon there will be only a few members to be involved or follow it.

    My suggestion is that each flotilla have 4 highly trained members that walk the new members through the entire period of time to assure all paperwork is done, courses are completed and all paperwork for membership is correct. Most flotillas do some of this already. However, the ball is totally dropped once the paperwork for the background is forwarded to the background investigators. It should never take over 6 months for the background approvals. The related problem is the flotilla is not allowed to get info on the status of the application once it is turned in (apparently confidential). It is tough to move things along as a commander without the support needed.

    With qualified background investigators already in the Auxiliary in the form of active or retired peace officers and federal agents there is no reason we should be barred from doing our own background investigations on a Divisional level. Doing all of the leg work should save lots of time and if needed the packet could be handed over for the final blessing through the Coast Guard background agents. That should cut the lime line down to a week or two.

    Frank Kastl
    Past FC/ Flotilla 5-7/ Div. 5/ 11North

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