Know the Rules in the Auxiliary!

New, Annotated AUXMAN – Understanding the regulations and the latest information

The Auxiliary, like any other organization, has rules, and with our complex activities, there are plenty of them; so many that it is sometimes hard to keep track of where and why they exist. The Auxiliary Manual is our administrative rule book, detailing how and why we are organized, and how we operate.
The Chief Director’s Office has undertaken the major project of annotating and bookmarking the entire AUX Manual. This will make it much easier for Auxiliarists and active duty alike to navigate the course. It is fully released and it is posted on the Chief Director’s Page at:

This new annotated version of our Auxiliary Manual includes all the latest changes along with highlighted updates and detailed language about the changes in side comments. It provides quick links to topics and issues. It’s a clear and concise statement of our administration that should answer most questions such as what you can do or not do, what to wear, how to act or how to get something done.

Try it, at

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