Tracking Auxiliary Mandated Training (AUXMT)

AUXMT Weekly Reports Now On Line

All members are required to complete ten training topics by the end of 2016, or within one year of enrollment, depending on base enrollment date.   These are the “mandated training” sessions discussed in ALAUX 010/15 from the Chief Director this past June ( .  Further details are available at:

Tracking of completion of these courses has been difficult for some members, and the Performance Measurement Directorate is pleased to announce a new method for monitoring the progress of Auxiliary Mandated Training in each district.

A weekly report, in Excel format, is now available at the website of the Performance Management Directorate, . These reports, listed by District, can be reached with the “Mandated Training” menu pick. Upon entry of login credentials, they are accessible by all members.

This report is an interim solution, pending the adoption of Mandated Training as an Auxiliary skill code in AUXDATA, which is being worked on now.

Questions and comments may be addressed to the Director, Performance Measurement, through your chain of leadership.

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