Member Financial Assistance

National Commodore Mark Simoni has released a message to all Auxiliarists about the availability of financial assistance to members injured while assigned to duty.

“All Auxiliary members should be aware that financial assistance may be available to members who are seriously injured while assigned to duty and suffer a financial hardship because of those injuries.  

Members of an Auxiliary air crew were seriously injured while operating under orders in a recent AUXAIR aircraft mishap in First District Southern Region when their aircraft suddenly lost power and   crashed into trees while avoiding children playing on a soccer field.  In District 7 a coxswain and members of the crew were also seriously injured while under orders when their operational facility ran aground at night.  The Coast Guard Auxiliary Association is prepared to assist these Auxiliarists injured in the line of duty by collecting and distributing donations from members of the Association.  The Association will be sending out a notice to its membership about these relief efforts.

Information concerning methods to request this type of relief will be available on the Association’s website along with the procedure for submitting requests.  All requests will be handled through the Auxiliary leadership/management chain.  Applications approved by the Auxiliary leadership will be referred to the Association to administer.

This program establishes a method to provide some financial relief to directly support our shipmates who are seriously injured in the line of duty. Our Coast Guard Auxiliary Association remains ready to assist the USCG Auxiliary and its members.”

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