Response Directorate Workshops for 2016 Posted

2016 Response Workshops Posted On-Line

The Response Directorate has created three workshops for 2016, for members involved in operations.

Surface Operations: The optional 2016 Surface Operations Workshop has been published and includes important information and reminders regarding:

  • Surface Safety,
  • Mishap Reporting,
  • AOM,
  • new PPE requirements,
  • Coxswain and Crew responsibilities and
  • Cell Phone use.

Telecommunications: A new Telecommunications workshop for 2016 has been published and will be issued annually in the future. This workshop contains important information regarding Auxiliary Telecommunications missions (VHF and HF), Communications Command (COMMCOM), AOM, and Augmenting CG Communications (AUGCOM).

Aviation: A new section for inclusion as part of the required 2016 annual Aviation Workshop for aviation-qualified Auxiliarists has been developed and will be published annually in the future.  This workshop includes important information regarding:

  • the new Aircraft Maintenance Policy,
  • the updated ANSC 7005 Offer for Use Form,
  • changes and reminders about AOM,
  • Mishap Reporting and
  • Safety information.

All workshops are available on the Response Directorate’s web site at:  

These workshops are recommended for all members qualified in Operations programs as well as facility owners. Although Surface and Telecommunications workshops are optional, attendance at these workshops may be required in District/Region by your DIRAUX/OTO.

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