Coast Guard Auxiliary and Boat/US Release On-Line Navigation Course

Coast Guard Auxiliary and Boat/US Release On-Line Navigation Course.

Imagine a typical new boater.   They excitedly buy a boat and dream of taking it to fun, maybe even exotic, places.   But they soon realize that they don’t know how to get there, they don’t know how to navigate.   They want to learn navigation skills, they may even know about the Coast Guard Auxiliary, but they may not have time to attend classes.

Now we have a win-win opportunity to offer boaters a new world of boating opportunities, promote boating safety and open up a new source of revenue for flotillas.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary, in partnership with the Boat US Foundation, is launching a new educational program for boaters, an on-line, self-study course called Modern Marine Navigation. Boaters that enroll in this course will learn, using their own computers or tablets, in the comfort of their own homes.

Auxiliary instruction to the boating public has been declining for several years. At the same time the use of on-line self-study instruction has been steadily increasing.   Leveraging this trend, the Auxiliary has authored and developed a stimulating new interactive online course called Modern Marine Navigation, with Web implementation and hosting by the Boat US Foundation.

This is the only navigation course offered anywhere that has been completely vetted by the US Coast Guard Navigation Center. It will be the gold standard of navigation courses. This course opens a new market to Auxiliary boating education and it offers a direct financial benefit to flotillas.

Each person who enrolls in the course, using your Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla number* as a “promo code” on the Modern Marine Navigation course website, will receive a discount of over 10% off the purchase price. And for each of those enrollments, the Flotilla will receive a revenue share of $5.00.

This $5.00 per enrollment can be earned just by using personal contacts with boaters to inform them of the course, all without the time, space and outlay of flotilla funds required to put on a class.

Your promotion of this project is critical to the success of Modern Marine Navigation. You are the face of the Auxiliary and you are the people that are in daily contact with the boating public.

The Modern Marine Navigation online interactive self-study course will cost $40.00 and will be available on the Boat US Foundation website on or about 01 March. However, with a promo code (your flotilla number*), the cost will be $36.00, and your flotilla will receive $5.00.

The National Marketing staff is working with the E-Directorate to provide down-loadable materials and support for this project. More details about all of those things will be provided in upcoming emails.

Recreational Boating Safety is the primary core mission of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. Whether getting on the water with a boat or a personal watercraft, the Modern Marine Navigation Online Course can help boaters be safer and more knowledgeable. By promoting Modern Marine Navigation at every opportunity, you help boaters who need education, you help your Flotilla, and you help make boating safer for everyone.

*Flotilla number as in AUXDATA, no dashes –
Three digits for District, 2 for Division, 2 for Flotilla – 0110203 (for example)

3 thoughts on “Coast Guard Auxiliary and Boat/US Release On-Line Navigation Course

  1. Having already passed Advanced Coastal Navigation part A & B I would like to see and take this course to better understand it. However, will you all wave the fees for auxiliarists? I have taken state courses in Safe Boating even though we teach a safe boat boating course to the public (ABS). I did this to be in a better position when meeting the boating public and proposing our ABS course over those online state sponsored courses.

    So, can I go through the course free of charge? Other members have asked me about this since I am the FSO-MT for my flotilla.

    • Robert Shafer, Assistant National Commodore for Boating Safety, replies:

      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to provide members or Flotillas with a free enrollment in this course. Just as with courses based on printed materials, there are costs involved with enrolling in the course.
      However, Flotillas can recover the costs of enrolling in MMN by means of the Promo Code revenue share. If a Flotilla markets the MMN course to just six people who sign up using that Flotilla’s Promo Code, the Flotilla will receive $5 for each of those individuals, or $30. That will cover the cost for a Flotilla to enroll in the MMN course, assuming they use their own Promo Code when enrolling.
      Members are encouraged to review the Frequently Asked Questions about this course, along with the other information on ePE products, posted on the E-Directorate website, in the Member’s Zone.

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