New Telecommunications Program Standards Announced

New Standards for Operations Approved and Published

 The Office of the Chief Director of Auxiliary has released a new set of Auxiliary Communications Program Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

This set of SOPs provide descriptions and requirements of the Auxiliary Communications Program (ACP) along with a collection of guidelines for the conduct of specific Auxiliary communications mission activities.

The Response Directorate and Telecommunications Division have worked over the past six years to build a cohesive set of SOPs that better define the roles and responsibilities of Auxiliary communicators.   A key document in this effort is the Auxiliary Communications Concept of Operations.   This document provides an overarching description of the ACP and its program elements, defining the purpose, missions, components, and management of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary Communications Program.

These new SOPs cover the management and conduct of Auxiliarists operating in the following areas:

  •  Auxiliary Augmentation Communications (AUGCOM) Mission
    •  Tactics, Techniques & Procedures for AUGCOM Mission,
  •  Auxiliary Monitoring Station Program (AUXMON)
  •  Auxiliary VHF Telecommunications Program policies and procedures
  •  VHF Repeater Program and approval process

Please click here to download the complete file of new Auxiliary Communications Program Standard Operating Procedures:

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