NACO Message on Clearing Backlog of Auxiliary PSI Investigations

NACO  Message to All Hands

Clearing Backlogged Auxiliary Personnel Security Investigations (PSI) and

Establishing New Provisional Membership Procedures


The National Commodore sent a message on May 9, 2016 to notify all Auxiliary members of efforts underway to clear the backlogged Auxiliary PSIs (a/k/a, “background checks”) submitted by new members over the past two years, and to announce a new program of soon to be released improvements in our membership processes.


Clearing Backlogged Auxiliary PSIs.

 A multi-pronged effort to reduce the backlog of Auxiliary PSI packages awaiting Coast Guard Security Center (SECCEN) adjudication has been underway for almost a year: 

  • A cadre of Auxiliarists has been performing quality control screening of Auxiliary PSI packages at SECCEN since last summer. Another cadre, composed of members of the Chief Director’s staff, a Reservist, and Auxiliarists, has also been working to reduce the backlog at SECCEN. 
  •  Both cadres will remain in place through the summer or longer to help transition to a long-term Auxiliary PSI processing system at SECCEN.  Local units should ensure thorough form review and quality control to help speed the processing of new Auxiliary PSI packages. 

The Chief Director of the Auxiliary anticipates that within the next 90 days screening of the remainder of the OS PSI packages, that have been awaiting adjudication, will be completed. 

 As of January 1, 2016, Auxiliarists in AP status whose PSIs have been fully adjudicated must complete all Auxiliary Mandatory Training (AUXMT) before their membership status will be changed from AP and before they will be issued an ID card.  Those Auxiliarists who have completed all Mandated Training and who have had their PSI package adjudicated at SECCEN will have their membership status changed from AP to Initially Qualified (IQ), Basically Qualified (BQ), or AUXOP (AX) and will receive their ID card.


Establishing New Provisional Membership Procedures.

 The Coast Guard has established a program that allows Auxiliarists who meet certain criteria to become “provisional members” while awaiting completion of their PSI. This is not a new membership status nor does it exempt or short-circuit the Auxiliary PSI process.  Rather, it will facilitate ID card issuance and shorten the time for the Auxiliary PSI process to be properly completed.

 Additional detailed information on the Provisional Membership Program procedures will be published shortly. 


3 thoughts on “NACO Message on Clearing Backlog of Auxiliary PSI Investigations

  1. It has been one year since I joined and I have completed all MT and I’m still AP status I am starting to get a little disenchanted. How do I find out my status?

    Thomas Oberlin

  2. I have been in AP Status since September 2014. I have requested that my application status be reviewed. This message says that the backlog should be caught up by July. Any thoughts?

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