National Elections Held at NACON 2016

Auxiliary National Commodores Elected

On Friday, August 26, elections were held at the Auxiliary National Convention in Phoenix, Arizona.

The National Leadership team for the 2017-2018 term was elected by the Auxiliary National Bridge.  Our leaders for this coming term are:

  • National Commodore (NACO) – COMO Richard A. Washburn

  • Vice National Commodore (VNACO) – COMO Larry L. King

  • Deputy National Commodore Atlantic Area East – COMO Alexander J. Malewski

  • Deputy National Commodore Atlantic Area West – COMO Edward M. Monaco

  • Deputy National Commodore Pacific Area – COMO Bert Blanchette

The National Commodore and Bridge also announced that COMO Linda M. Merryman has been appointed to the position of Deputy National Commodore, Information Technology and Planning.

Terms of office will begin November 1, 2016.

Congratulations and best wishes to our new National Bridge team!

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